David became interested in photography at a very early age, probably being inspired by anything involving a lens and light, at the old age of seventeen years David bought his first SLR, a good, tough as nails Zenith E.

This camera had nothing automatic at all, not even a light meter, however it was an ideal tool to learn the basics from the ground up.

David set up a darkroom and enjoyed exploring the art of black and white developing and printing, much to the annoyance of anyone trying to use the bathroom.

Well things progressed as they do and along came the digital age, by this time David had spent many years at the forefront of computer solid modelling and became a recognised authority on the subject.

Computer solid modelling seemed to go hand in hand with a now well developed (no pun intended) passion for digital photography. David was always being told by friends and family to market his photographic works, and he eventually had material published in a calendar of landscapes.

This inspired David to upgrade his ageing photographic equipment especially as his work was now being submitted to international stock libraries.

David’s work is now marketed by iStock, Shutterstock and other libraries.

David lives with Ann his wife in the Northeast of England , the area allows easy access to the Yorkshire Dales, The Lake District, the Scottish Borders and best of all the fantastic Northumberland coast line, although David admits that visiting the North West Coast of Scotland and the Western Isles takes some beating too.

More of David's images can be found at Photo4me